Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super Me

Original Diagnostic Essay-

If I could wake up tomorrow with a superpower, I’d prefer to have the ability to read other people’s minds. There are many powers that have been shown through the media that would be intriguing to have. Out of all the other powers I think telepathy would be the easiest to get away with because people do not know you have it. Also, I feel that reading minds would be quite useful and beneficial in my life for many reasons.
Mindreading would allow me to see what other people are thinking. It’s no surprise that most people do not communicate even half their thoughts when talking. When someone speaks I find myself saying only a little of what I’m thinking at times. Having the power to read minds I would be able to tap in and see what truths are not being said. It would allow me to see which of my loved ones are loyal and if they mean what they say. Lies would be impossible to get away with because I would be able to see the truth. My support network would be increasingly positive.
I would most likely be in the same place with this superpower. I may be at a different position at work or school, though, as with my ability I would be able to see expectations more clearly. For example, at a job interview I would know exactly what the manager was looking for and what to say to get the position. Even if I did not know the job well I would quickly be able to learn what needs to be done. As I am only human, I would use this power very often. The difference would be in how the ability is used. I could not only use it to my benefit, with work, friends, and loved ones, and to find information out quickly, but to help others. If a friend was confiding in me how they were dealing with a terrible situation, I could see what they really need and be there for them the best I could. If people were struggling, I could help them without them having to hurt their pride and ask for help. When I ask the typical question, “How are you”, I would know the true answer and go from there. This skill would lastly, be extremely helpful in love relationships. Guys often say, “It’s not like I can read minds”, when in a relationship. Well, as a person that could, expectations would be clear. If they were lying about elements of the relationship that could be extremely damaging, I would know and be able to act accordingly. With this skill it also may be important for certain trusted friends or family to know of the ability so they could have a say in my reading their minds.
There would be one disadvantage of this power that I would have to discipline myself to deal with. This is a power that could be abused very easily for personal gain. If used only for selfish reasons, I could use knowing people’s thoughts against them. I could blackmail people with their secrets, use their thoughts and worries to hurt others with insults that cut through their hearts, I could use people’s thoughts to exploit them in public, even famous people. People would be so intimidated of me I could move far ahead this way, but that is one quality of having a superpower that must be considered. With any superpower the integrity and character of its owner must be evaluated. An example of this negative power comes from the movie, Xmen 2. In that film there were 3 individuals who could read minds. Two were the good guys, the xmen, who used their powers daily but only told others about their thoughts when it was needed. The last character used his power to attempt to hurt millions of mutants. As a “good guy”, I would have to use my power and make it known to others sparingly.
In conclusion, there are benefits and shortcomings in having the superpower of reading peoples minds. This power could enhance the quality of my relationships, job, and ability to help others in difficult situations. If used purely for selfish purposes, it could lead me to getting far in life but with the cost of hurting and minimizing other people’s feelings. It is a power that would take great self discipline and consideration to use in a positive way. With all power, super or not, takes integrity to use for good, I would be willing to accept the responsibility granted to me if I could wake up one morning with the ability to read minds. This power would be used to benefit myself and also others, and isn’t that what the purpose of power is?

New Diagnostic Essay-

As the days go by, each one runs into the next and it always seems the same. I wake up, go to work or school, go home, and the next day it is always the same thing. I always wonder when something will happen that would change the rest of my life. I wait for that moment when I know my world will never be the same. Then one day I woke up and it was…..
It was a normal Tuesday morning when I woke up late. I scrambled to get dressed, brush my teeth, and eat breakfast. I had to be to work at 11 am and it was already 10:45. When I was rushing out of my apartment building I accidently nudged into a lady that lives across the hall. “Gosh this girl always is running into me, she is probably late again”, thought the lady across the hall. This was crazy! Touching her I heard her thoughts but as she walked by me all she did was smile and keep going.
Could this really be? Could I read minds? So I started the day with this epiphany. All day long at work I tried out my new trick. I am a waitress so every time I would refill a drink and a persons hand was on the glass, I would accidently touch it. I could read people’s minds without touching them but when I did it strengthened the power. It is the craziest thing to hear people’s inner most thoughts. If people actually said everything they were thinking, there would be a lot of upset people. I had no idea how I obtained this power but I was going to use it to my advantage.
From that day on I led a different life. I became a famous telepathic. All over the world people knew me as the mind reader. I started to meet very famous important people. I met actors, singers, lawyers, and even men in congress who asked for my assistance. These people would have problems in their lives and would ask me to talk to someone involved and figure out the truth. I would just touch these people and instantly know what was going on in their minds. I always got paid well and my customers would recommend me to others. This was a good life for awhile. I was rich and loved, but there was always still an emptiness in my heart. I realized one day that I was unhappy because I really was not helping anyone. I was using this amazing gift to con people so they could get what they want. I decided to do something heroic with my power.
Coincidentally, the very next day I got a very important phone call. The president of the United States needed my assistance in a very serious situation. Terrorists had written a letter threatening the White House that they were going to bomb it. They had found a suspicious man lingering around the White House gates with a phone. When they approached the gentleman, he screamed,” We will get you guys”. He was taken into custody and we found out he was a member of Al Qaeda. No matter what was done to him, he would not give up where the bomb was placed or how much time was left before the explosion. I was needed immediately. A helicopter came for me and I reached the White House in no time.
The president met me at the gate and told me we were going to interview the terrorist right away. I was very nervous, but the fate of the White House could depend on me. When I got in the interview room, the man was tied up and looked severely beaten. It almost seemed like they had tried to torture him to get the answers out. He would not budge with his loss for words. As I sat down, he looked almost scared to see me. When I went to grab his hand he tried to move but was stuck in handcuffs. “She thinks she can read my mind. I know exactly who she is but what she does not know is that the bomb is going to go off in less then three minutes”. “Don’t think about the spot, whatever you do not think about place you put it or it will be over”, thought the terrorist. I told the government officials what I had heard and everybody started to panic. What would we do if we could not find the bomb?
I tried again and while I was touching his hand, I was talking about different places a bomb could be in the White House. I was hoping that if I kept naming places, he would think about the place without even noticing. “Nope, wrong again”. “What dumb people and they say this is the best country in the world”. “It’s on the side of the entrance to the White House, how could no one have noticed”?
I could not believe it! I told the president and he informed the bomb squad who instantly removed it. This was perfect timing because the bomb had 33 seconds to go. The terrorist was arrested and taken to jail. I was considered a hero and received a special reward from the president. I had saved the White House and helped put a dent on the Al Qaeda terrorist group.
I was a changed person after that. I only used my powers for important situations. I didn’t get greedy and just use it for the money. I still to this day have no idea how I received such a blessing, but I am grateful every day. I received this power for a reason so I felt I should use it for the right purposes. Every day is filled with new adventures. I never know what is going to happen next.

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